Here at Tri-Valley Medical Weight Control, we have been working with people struggling with weight-related issues for long enough to know that a one night of uncontrolled snacking can have a severe impact on your weight. Tri Valley Medical Weight Control has over 30 years of experience and thousands of happy patients, and we have come across many different kinds of people. Our professionals are able to listen to their stories and trace back their problems to a few mistakes and bad choices.

Of the 365 days in a year Halloween the one day that parents give their children the liberty to collect and eat as much candy as possible. However, contrary to what most might believe, this popular tradition can have a significant impact on your child’s health. And so it is vital to ensure that they eat healthy even during Halloween.

From many years of experience at Tri-Valley, we have come up with the following healthy Halloween tips in Murrieta. You can use these tips to make sure that you have a healthy Halloween this year and the years to follow.

  1. Make sure your kids are full before Trick-or-Treat

As much as kids love candy more than anything else it is impossible for them to eat too much of it when they are full. Before taking you children out for Trick-or-treating prepare a healthy meal and make sure that they feed well.

  1. Keep the kids active while Trick-or-treating

No matter how hard you try it will still be tough to prevent your children from consuming excess calories but you can make sure that they burn part of it. One way to do this is by making them walk from one door to the other rather than driving them around.

  1. Give delicious non-sugary treats

While working at Tri Valley Medical Weight Control, I met many patients who believed that for anything to be sweet it had to have lots of sugar but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The same case applies to Halloween treats instead of giving out candy you can prepare other non-sugary but delicious treats. Some quick and easy Halloween recipes include Gluten-free spider web cupcakes, chocolate-date pumpkin tartlets, and peanut butter pumpkins.

  1. Ensure that children go to bed earlier the day before

Besides from the fact that walking around for trick or treating will consume a lot of energy consuming plenty of sweets will deprive them of sleep. To compensate for this, it is important to make sure that your children sleep a little bit earlier the day before.

  1. Sweets for toys and other treasures

The aim of every kid is to collect as much candy as possible on the night of Halloween, and so it will be very harsh for you to take away the candy. However, it is also not healthy for them if they are left to consume all of it. To take away some of the candy, you should start a reward system and trade some of the candy for a toy and other toys that your kids may like.

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