Reduce Fat & Gain Muscle


Try the world’s first device to provide on average 30% fat reduction and a 25% muscle mass increase.

Trusted and used by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Drew Barrymore, Lisa Rinna and many more! A single EMSCULPT NEO® treatment to the abdomen is the equivalent of 20,000 sit ups or crunches. Clinical studies have shown up to 30% reduction in fat and 25% increase in muscle tone/definition after a series of 4 EMSCULPT NEO® sessions.





How It Works?

EMSCULPT NEO is a FDA-cleared non-invasive treatment that simultaneously combines Radiofrequency heating and HIFEM procedure to reduce fat and build muscle.

The treatment helps eliminate and removes fat cells from the body while also causing muscle growth through intense muscle contractions.

Clinical studies have shown an average of 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 25% increase in muscle thickness with EMSCULPT NEO.


Emsculpt NEO Benefits

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Clinically Proven

Supported by 7 recent clinical studies demonstrating the death of fat cells, Emsculpt Neo showcases its efficacy. On average, patients witnessed a remarkable 25% upswing in muscle growth and a substantial 30% reduction in fat content just a month after the completion of a four-session treatment regimen.

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Emsculpt Neo boasts a broader applicability across various body types compared to other body-sculpting alternatives. We can confidently administer treatments to a vast majority of patients, even those with a BMI (body fat percentage) up to 35.

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2 Treatments In One…For Everyone

Functioning as a dynamic 2-in-1 solution, Emsculpt Neo orchestrates the simultaneous enhancement of muscle mass and decreasing of fat deposits. This procedure is entirely non-invasive and suitable for individuals seeking a reduction in fat and an augmentation of muscle, making it a versatile choice.


No Downtime or Side Effects

There's no recovery period to contend with. Scheduling an Emsculpt Neo session during your lunch break is feasible, as you can seamlessly return to work afterward. Normal physical activities can be resumed immediately following your Emsculpt Neo treatment.

Emsculpt NEO Treatable Areas


30% reduction in belly fat, 6 cm reduction of waist circumference.


Firms, strengthens, defines, and lifts the buttocks.


Burns away resistant fat in the upper arms, it also builds strong, sexy muscles.


Builds up your calves faster than any manual gym exercise.


Both the inner and outer thighs.

Emsculpt NEO Facts

How should I prepare for EMSCULPT NEO treatment?

Preparation prior to an EMSCULPT NEO treatment is unnecessary. Given the robust muscle contractions in the treatment area, it's advisable to ready yourself similarly to how you would for an intense strength training session at the gym. Emptying your bladder and avoiding a heavy meal immediately before treatment is recommended.

How long is an EMSCULPT NEO treatment session? How many treatments will I need?

Each EMSCULPT NEO treatment session has a duration of 30 minutes. The full EMSCULPT NEO regimen consists of a series of four treatments, scheduled once weekly over the span of a month.

Is there any downtime following EMSCULPT NEO treatment?

One of the advantages of this procedure is its absence of downtime. Following the treatment, you can promptly resume your regular daily activities.

How long does it take to see results following EMSCULPT NEO?

Immediate tangible results might become evident after the treatment sessions. For optimal outcomes, the peak effectiveness is typically observed around 90 days after the last session, with potential improvements persisting for several weeks beyond that point. In the abdominal area, an average fat reduction of 30% and a muscle mass increase of 25% can be attained approximately three months post-treatment.

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How much fat will I lose with a series of EMSCULPT?

Based on clinical investigations, individuals experienced a remarkable 30% decrease in fat content, coupled with an average reduction of 2.5 inches in waistline measurements after undergoing four EMSCULPT NEO treatments targeting the abdomen. However, it's worth noting that when it comes to the buttocks treatment, HIFEM+ is employed without the concurrent application of RF heating. Consequently, clinical research indicates that fat reduction in the buttocks area through HIFEM+ is not supported.

How much muscle mass will I tone with a series of EMSCULPT NEO?

In the realm of clinical trials, patients achieved a noteworthy 25% increase in muscle mass subsequent to undergoing 4 EMSCULPT NEO treatments focused on the abdominal region.

Real Clients, Real Results.


Frequently Asked Questions

EMSCULPT NEO is the first non-invasive device that helps eliminate fat cells and build muscle in a single 30-minute treatment session. The end result is less fat and more muscle, in less time and money. Best of all, EMSCULPT NEO has a broad appeal as it can treat patients up to BMI 35.

EMSCULPT NEO operates through an innovative applicator that emits a carefully synchronized blend of RF and HIFEM+ energies. This combination leads to a simultaneous effect: the RF component raises the temperature of the muscles rapidly, increasing it by several degrees. This process serves to prime the muscles for stress, mimicking the function of a warm-up routine before a workout. Remarkably, within a brief duration of under 4 minutes, the temperature of the subcutaneous fat layer escalates to a point where apoptosis, the permanent damage of fat cells, is induced. This gradual elimination of damaged fat cells from the body follows. Noteworthy clinical studies have exhibited an average reduction of 30% in subcutaneous fat.*

The ingenuity of HIFEM+ energy lies in its capacity to engage muscle fibers at intensities that surpass what can be achieved during voluntary exercise, effectively circumventing the limitations of the brain. By subjecting the muscles to this heightened level of stress, a significant adaptive process is triggered. This results in both an augmentation of muscle fibers and cells, subsequently leading to a remarkable average increase of 25% in muscle volume, as demonstrated in clinical studies.*

Introducing EMSCULPT NEO, the pioneering and exclusive non-invasive solution for comprehensive body shaping. Through the synergistic utilization of two energies, this groundbreaking procedure facilitates both the elimination of fat and the building of muscle simultaneously, all within a single 30-minute session. This innovative technology represents one of the foremost choices available for achieving unparalleled body contouring results.

If you can benefit from toning more muscle and decreasing body fat, the EMSCULPT NEO procedure may be a great fit.

Absolutely! EMSCULPT NEO, along with its integrated high-intensity magnetic field (HIFEM) technology is now FDA-cleared and has undergone rigorous clinical testing to validate its safety and effectiveness, as demonstrated by seven comprehensive clinical studies.* Furthermore, the extensive body of research encompasses 30 scientific publications, establishing HIFEM as the most extensively studied body contouring technology since its inception in 2018.

Experience a pain-free process with zero downtime. Following the treatment, you might encounter a slight soreness in the treated area, akin to the post-workout sensation.